Dick size debate. Does it really matter?

Dick size debate

The size of male penis depends on a lot of factors. It can vary with different level of sexual arousal. It changes with a time of day, general mood, taking some medications. It is interesting that the human penis is most thick among other hominids (particularly in the relation to the rest of the body).

As it was found by British researchers in 2015 an average length of erected penis is approximately 13 ± 1.7 cm. Results were published in BJU, an official journal of the British (and other countries) Urological Associations. The research covered more than 15,5 thousands men. Results presented to the public showed that so called “small penis anxiety” affects much more men, then it should be. It occurred that just 2,3% of men have really abnormal size, although most males “fit” into standards.

However, many men still worry about their penis length. Although it is proved that delusions in this issue are more common than real rational concerns. It is noticed that men have more misconceptions on this question than women. So, whether it matters or no, the dick size debate violates the relationship between partners. Sometimes we think of it more than worry about each other. It is proved that there is no direct connection between penile size and erectile dysfunction. However, still a lot of men worry too much about their penis length. And such men are more likely to have somatic disorders. Needless to say, there is a huge amount of other negative effects of low self-estimation.

So, what is the normal size?

American researchers conducted the similar survey and found that an average size of erected penis is somewhere between 4.6 and 6 inches (from 10 to 15 cm). The results of a survey were published in the Psychology of Men and Masculinity journal. According to findings, at least 68% of examinees had the “normal size”. Almost 16% were lucky to have a penile length more than 6 inches. Size less than 4.5 inches was found also in 16% cases. And only 2,5% of men had really short penis (under 3.7 inches).

Contrastingly to the results of the research more than 45% of men are considered to be unpleased with size of their genitals. And of course it is not secret that probably any man would like to have more. Some men justify their anxiety with “girl’s meaning”. Though, the questionnaire designed by researchers showed that just 16% of women are not satisfied with a size of their partner. So, guys are quite more worried about the problem, than their girls.

The survey conducted by American scientists covered at least 52,000 participants (of all ages and sexes). It was found that the perception of problem does not depend on age. Elderly men may be unsatisfied with size of their erected penis as well as younger ones.

Affects of “small penis anxiety”

It is not strange that finally penis size affects sexual intercourse. At first, men who worry about their size might be too shy when it comes to be naked. They get stuck on themselves instead of thinking about the partner in front of them. They may think they are not sexually attractive. While men satisfied with their penis size are relaxed and feel more confidence.

As for women’s mind, it turned out that size does matter for them, although more likely the width and not the length. Patti Britton, a sex coach and clinical sexologist from Calif in Los Angeles, considers that woman’s sexual pleasure is strongly connected with a feeling of containment or fullness of vaginal opening. Thus, the shorter but fatter is better than long and skinny one.

Things that really matter

If erect penis size does not determine an ability to enjoy sexual intercourse, what does really matter? Sexologists claim, that these determining factors are skills and thickness of penis, proper for the concrete sexual partner. Anthropologists found that actually evolution led to increasing of thickness, but not the length of human penis. Probable reason for these changes is transformation of the female vaginal canal, which was increased because of birth needs. Men had to adapt for that enlarging for providing better sexual arousal and ejaculation. The findings were published in “Archives of Sexual Behavior” in 2008.

It is proved, that women get maximal satisfaction from stimulation of two areas, the G-spot and clitoris, which are most sensitive. Both these places are available and easy provoked. Patti Britton says that short penis may cause even euphoric pleasure for those women, who are G-spot oriented. By the way, the G-spot is located just 30% inside the vaginal opening. So, what really means is not the size, but a skill. Britton says that ecstatic pleasure is achievable if the male lover is manually and orally proficient, no matter what penis length he has.

As for men with a skinny penis, they also have a chance to bring an ecstatic pleasure to their partner. One of the effective means is widely used among adults. Feature nubs or penis ribbings which are available in any sex shop add volume that provides additional stimulation for her. A lot of companies produce such latex rings or sleeves that wrap around the penis and make sex more enjoyable.