Best erection pills

Best erection pillsIt is the strongest shock for any man to be diagnosed with erectile dysfunction; he falls into a serious depression and low spirits. This ailment endangers happy life, health, can badly influence social relations and even affect career (due to constant suppression and awareness of having sexual impotency, a man cannot think about anything else but this problem). More details about causes and symptoms of sexual frustration are available on

Fortunately, there are many preparations that guarantee quick deliverance from sexual frustration.

Erection pills over the counter

Erectile dysfunction is a wide-spread disease which affects every third men over 30. That is why many erectile medications are available over the counter in drug stores at rather reasonable prices. These preparations, intended for potency cure and improvement, stimulate erection by impacting on penile unstriated muscles.

Due to a drastic effect, these pills cause release of cavernous tissue, which provokes an erectile function in men. At this cavernous space enlarges, bloodstream in a phallus enhances, resulting in pressure inside a male generative organ. There exist two best medications that act in this way.


Sildenafil (Viagra) is a powerful selective inhibitor, which boosts physiological mechanism of erection in men during sexual stimulation. The medication proves to be effective for men at the age of 19-87 with an erectile disorder of different causation (organic, psychogenic or mixed). Sildenafil helps to reach and maintain erection and improve orgasm quality too.

An undeniable advantage of Viagra is that it can be taken by men suffering from diabetes, spinal cord injuries or after surgeries.

Recommended dosage is 50 mg an hour before a sex relation. If exceeded over 100mg per 48 hours, Viagra can have complications: dizziness, sight or gastrointestinal tract disorder. The effect lasts up to 24 hours. The only contraindication to Viagra is heart disease. This medication is available over the counter in drug stores and online shops.


These pills have the same action mechanism (cure and improvement of erection) as Viagra, but with a longer effect (up to 36 hours) and fewer complications. A 20 mg pill of Cialis (Tadalafil) is taken 15 minutes before sex once per day. The medicine has no effect if sexual excitement is absent. The preparation successfully treats even severe impotency.

Cialis has a strong vasorelaxant action, so men with cardiovascular collapse must seek for a doctor’s advice before taking this drug. This medicine is prohibited to be taken with organic nitrate substances. The drug is not addictive and presupposes gradual reduce of a dose up to 5 mg.

Organic pills

Thought Viagra and Cialis are leaders at the market of erectile dysfunction treatment, they are synthetic drugs and have some restrictions. There are natural preparations which cure impotency too.


It is a Tibet traditional medicine drug.  Pills increase potency, prevent premature ejaculation, enhances libido. The composition is: cordyceps, Tongkat Ali and ginseng roots, olive extract.

Yarsagumba is prescribed to cure impotency, which was caused by: cardiovascular diseases, respiratory apparatus disorder, genito-urinary problems, liver diseases, and different tumors.

The natural formula of pills treats not only loss of sexual power, but increases immunity, performs like an antibiotic, damping reproduction of many pathogenic bacteria, moderately widens blood vessels, increasing blood supply of all organs, and promotes thrombus resolution.

Dosage: one pill in three days during meal an hour before sex. A course lasts a month. Regular use of Yarsagumba recovers a reproductive function too. The only restriction is epilepsy.