Alcohol and Erectile Dysfunction

Many people believe that small dose of alcohol before sex doesn`t hurt, because it helps to relax, become bolder, feel slight euphoria. This is true, but with proviso that key word here is “small”. In fact, habit of drinking before sex is often fixed, and there is dependency. This is where problems begin. Alcohol is considered to be stimulant, but its reception has stimulating effect not for long. And over time, on contrary – leads to violation and extinction of sexual function.

In countries where amount of alcohol consumed is higher than world average (Russia is among them), alcoholism is cause of at least 10-15% of cases of impotence. In addition, many women who have had relationship with alcoholics say that their men had significantly firmer and longer erection before they started drinking.

How does alcohol affect erection? Main reasons

First, alcohol makes arteries stiff. As a result, vessels in penis area also become solid, and blood flow naturally decreases. Further possible deposition of plaques in vessels, which further reduces blood supply to cavernous bodies. In addition, alcohol causes drowsiness and deterioration of reaction to sexual stimulation, which doesn`t allow to maintain erection for full sexual intercourse.

Basis of detrimental effect on body internal systems is influence of extremely toxic product of alcohol breakdown – acetaldehyde. It is he, who causes main damage to internal organs. Under influence of alcohol, functions of endocrine glands (thyroid, pituitary, adrenal glands) are violated.

This aggravates already existing sexual disorders.  In addition, consumption of alcohol can cause inflammation of prostate gland, which also adversely affects potency.

Finally, alcohol has direct toxic effect on testicles and leads to their atrophy. And this can also lead to infertility. To top it off, alcohol affects central and peripheral nervous systems, and this, in addition to erectile problems, dulls sensation during sex and orgasm. Here is bouquet. In especially advanced cases, it will be extremely difficult to restore erectile function.

What happens if you take erection stimulator and drink?

According to chemistry, main active ingredients of erection stimulants (sildenafil, tadafil, vardenafil) don`t directly interact with alcohol. And, it is proven clinically. But there are reasons not to drink tequila tablets. First of all, stimulants aren`t recommended to be taken with anticoagulants. And, they are in alcohol.

In addition, alcohol can increase side effects of tablets, cause headache, dizziness, facial flushing, indigestion, diarrhea and muscle pain. All this is unlikely to help enjoy caresses. Not to mention fact that your partner can cause questions that you don`t want to answer.

Recovery of erectile function. What are chances of success?

You need to drink less. Trite, but true. Statistics is good, chances of getting back into operation are considerable. For example, in 2013, scientists at the University of Frankfurt conducted a study involving two hundred patients with potency and alcohol problems.

When men stopped drinking alcohol, 35% of them were able to maintain stable erection. Problem of sexual dysfunction was eventually partially or completely solved in most men, who only reduced their drinking, but didn`t stop drinking completely.

However, if changes in nervous or endocrine system have gone too far, or atrophy of a part of testicular tissue has occurred, disorder can`t be eliminated by walking and mineral water. In such cases, whole range of measures is used: antidepressants, vitamins, hormonal and anti-inflammatory drugs, detoxification and psychotherapy are carried out. Of course, “self-activity” is excluded here – you need to consult a doctor.

But if patient continues to drink hard, it’s safe to say: no treatment will help. It sounds scary, but it’s better to hear it in time than like a joke.