What Is Relationship Between Impotence And Smoking?

Modern human life is subject to variety of negative factors: problems lurk everywhere. One of these problems today is mass consumption of tobacco products by  population of the planet Earth. Huge number of men exposed to this addiction.

Opinion of scientists

Many modern researchers are sounding alarm, constantly proving to world that use of tobacco products affects impotence. Scientists from the United States conducted series of experiments, during which it was found that:

  • Prolonged smoking leads to metabolic disorders.
  • Daily smoking leads to impotence.
  • For heavy smokers, only weak, so-called “sluggish” erection occurs at night.
  • Intensive smoking is closely associated with decrease in blood pressure in men penis of mature age.

Cause of impotence can also be passive smoking, which very often affects men and women. Fact that regular cigarette can cause enormous harm to health, people, as a rule, don`t think.

Effect of smoking on potency

Modern doctors in XXI century call sexual impotence “nicotine impotence.” This concept defines that cause of erectile dysfunction is factor in use of tobacco products, which modern strong sex cannot get rid of. Cigarette smoke and tar contained in cigarette affect human body on diverse basis, bringing him only harm.

Factors affecting health

They can be presented in such manner:

  • Problems with vascular system. As soon as person smokes cigarette, carbon monoxide released from smoke immediately enters his lungs. This substance interferes with entry into body of oxygen necessary for normal life. As result of such exposure in body begins oxygen starvation, which adversely affects blood vessels. Male penis is permeated with all these blood vessels. Erection occurs due to fact that blood stream rushes to penis and makes it harden. In people who constantly smoke, vessels are constantly in spasmed state, arising atherosclerotic plaques interfere with active movement of blood, causing harm to this organism. These growths interfere with normal blood flow to penis, as result, the erection doesn`t occur fully. Smoke inhaled from cigarette expands venous blood flow through which blood flows away from penis. Erection immediately disappears. In this way smoking causes impotence.
  • Oxygen starvation. Tobacco sections primarily suffer from brain, in which centers of control of sexual desire and potency are located.
  • Effect of nicotine and poisons. Constant use of tobacco products harms man, which is expressed by decrease in libido.

Nicotine deceives brain

Why do people smoke? Smoke released in process of burning cigarette is essentially toxin that negatively affects human body. When it enters region of nerve cells in humans comes effect of euphoria. Nicotine acts as substitute for acetylcholine, neurotransmitter that conducts nerve impulses. Constant consumption of tobacco products leads to decrease in number of neurotransmitters, and body constantly requires counterpart in form of smoking.

Harm from smoking

Today, doctors have proved that smoking affects male impotence. In order to avoid such disastrous consequences, men should immediately, upon learning about diagnosis, stop smoking. But it`s reliably known that not all males can easily get rid of this addiction, although it does harm.

Studies conducted in laboratory showed that if abstinence from using tobacco products occurs within 5–7 hours before sexual intercourse, probability of erectile dysfunction will be reduced by several times, because smoking leads to impotence, and giving up it will have opposite effect.

Harm to work of genitals can bring and experience of smoker, the higher he is, the more likely there is fiasco in bed.

Psychological protection

Very often, people associate smoking with fact that it helps them get rid of stressful situations, it allegedly affects their resolution. By lighting cigarette, men get feeling of arousal, which they want to repeat again and again. Refusal from cigarette for smoker may be accompanied by breaking, same as that of drug addict, which brings substantial harm to nervous system. This is due to fact that body functions that are dulled by action of nicotine bliss begin to regenerate.

In fact, psychological dependence on cigarettes is extremely difficult to overcome, since its sides are many-sided and individual for each smoker. Among adolescents, for example, there is perception that they ate, as adults, use tobacco products, they will look more solid and feel older.

With person’s cigarettes can be associated with feeling of crowd, or so-called “gregarious feeling”. People in this case simply start to smoke for company with rest, without thinking about harm to their body, future impotence and other negative consequences that nicotine carries with it.


Full value of erectile function can be returned only after quitting smoking occurs, and activity can be restored partially, or even completely. In order for recovery process to start faster, person needs to specifically set a goal for himself and scale extent of damage to body caused by long use of tobacco products. Also, smoker should undergo full medical examination, it will help to identify impaired functioning of body systems that were most damaged.

Scientists note that with integrated approach to this problem, erection can recover even in smoker with great experience.

Many men noted that it was enough for them to get rid of this addiction, as their sexual life immediately changed radically.

Daily use of tobacco products is fraught with not only impotence, but also obstructed sperm movement during ejaculation, which significantly complicates fertilization process.

Erectile dysfunction – not yet a sentence for male, smokers should remember that it will heal as soon as they part with their bad habit.