University of Wollongong – Respectable Place For Studying

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University of Wollongong (UOW) is educational institution of international level, research center. 30 percent of university students are foreigners from 130 countries. University of Wollongong has several campuses, four of which are located in Australia and one each in United Arab Emirates and South Korea.

Scientific Achievements of University of Wollongong

Main research areas of University of Wollongong are IT and engineering. Laminated wind turbine was developed here. Development of scientists from University of Wollongong allowed to double capacity of batteries for electric vehicles.

New method was developed to convert seawater to hydrogen. Unique low viscosity biopolymer for biopressing was created at University of Wollongong. University of Wollongong is renowned for medical discoveries.

School has developed innovative device – portable printer for surgeons BioPen, which contains stem cells and growth factors. University has made several discoveries concerning nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and their role in treatment of superinfections.

Why choose University of Wollongong?

SMART Applied Research Center is organized at University of Wollongong, which has 30 laboratories for research in various fields. Laboratories are interconnected and accessible to students.

University of Wollongong has rare master program in 3D organ printing.

Interesting facts about the University of Wollongong

They can be presented in such manner:

  • University of Wollongong reconstructed appearance of hobbit, ancient Floresian man (Homo floresiensis).

  • Australian University of Wollongong received grant of $100,000 from Bill Gates Foundation for creation of new generation of contraceptives.

  • In faculty of Medicine and Health you will have an opportunity to learn all about erectile dysfunction and its treatment methods, like Cialis usage. Click the link below to find more about generic Cialis in Adelaide.

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To know more information use the link to official site It is located in Northfields Ave, Wollongong NSW 2522, Australia. You can also ask your questions by telephone +61 2 4221 3218 .