Treatment of sexual desire lack in men

Weakening of sexual interest is alarming, especially if it happened in his youth. At older age, lack of libido is observed in men who have had diseases, accompanied by decrease in amount of testosterone. Another reason for which there is lack of sexual desire in men is mental illness. Sharp increase in libido may indicate such processes in body as tumor, inflammation in brain.

There are several types of libido dysfunction:

  • Hypolibidemia (low sexual desire).
  • Alibidemia (absence or complete loss of desire).
  • Aversion (aversion to sex).
  • Nymphomania (strong sexual desire).

Reasons for lack of sexual desire may be different. Lack of attraction to women is expressed in reduction of fantasies, lack of reflection on sexual life. In this case, sexual activity is less common.


Lack of sexual desire can be associated with sex hormones. Therefore, it`s important to determine their level by testing for testosterone, prolactin and others. Overweight men need to check insulin and C-peptide. If you have problems with thyroid gland, pass TSH test. Along with these tests, it`s necessary to check blood for sugar and lipids, to check urinogenital system by making ultrasound.

Doctor’s consultation

As a rule, at reception, doctor asks patient about sexuality, desire and moral norms, concept of real relationships, and need for treatment. Conversation takes place with both partners. Decrease in libido can occur due to fear of intimacy, obvious or hidden conflicts, such as distrust of partner, sexual trauma or aggression, stressful situations.

It happens that level of testosterone in men decreases, leading to deterioration of health and problems in sexual life. Men note lack of energy and mood. This is due to decrease in emotional background, depression, reduced performance. Often, men experience memory loss, increased daytime sleepiness, insomnia, lack of libido, lack of emotion, and fear.

In sexual relationships, decrease in quality of sex begins to occur, frequency of erection decreases, orgasm deteriorates, and sensitivity decreases. Loss of desire and deterioration of erection may indicate age-related androgynous deficiency. When visiting urologist-andrologist, most often patients are given this diagnosis. Therefore, men aged at first signs of depression need to investigate amount of testosterone.

Sexual therapy

Most often, patients note that sexual therapy is very effective way to increase sexual desire. To do this, you must observe following rules:

  • Partner’s contact should be aimed at getting pleasure, but without contact with genitals.
  • Partner touches should be enjoyable to both partners, without contact of genitals.
  • Contact partners and contact with genitals should occur when penetration is prohibited.
  • Penetration must occur without movement from male side with long periods of containment.
  • Sexual contact is carried out immediately before onset of orgasm.

There are non-drug treatment options for weak sexual desire. Homeopathy and homotoxicology are used most often, R. Voll is diagnosed and treated, often doctors use acupuncture, psychotherapy and herbal medicine.

Method of vibratory massage for men refers to non-therapeutic methods of treatment. Low-frequency vibrations in combination with periodic mechanical roller effects improve well-being of overwork, neurosis, insomnia.