Is a cup of coffee good or bad for erectile function?

erectile function

Having studied some research about erectile dysfunction we regret to inform you that almost 20 percent of men aged over 20 can face the problems with erection. Of course mostly this condition is typical of men age 60 and older but still you can never guarantee that this unpleasant thing touches you nearly. Though, of course, we hope that you are absolutely healthy.

Anyway ED cannot be regarded as a normal part of aging. It occurs due to a certain range of physical causes as well as it can be prevented following a certain range of recommendations of the physicians. If you do not suffer from diabetes or high blood pressure or any heart disease you have good chances to continue enjoying your sexual activity. But if you still find yourself among men with ED, just try to understand the reason. Technically erection happens when a sufficient blood flow gets into a penis making it erect.

Influence of caffeine onto blood flow

In general caffeine leads to narrowing of blood vessels and as a result it decreases blood flow and can cause ED… Though, there are no reasonable proofs of this idea. Moreover there are contradictions in all above said. The point is that caffeine constricts blood vessels mildly and temporarily. So when we speak about men consuming coffee on a regular basis, we can observe improvement of blood flow as far as caffeine acts as a vasodilator and that is beneficial to ED patients. To be fair we should mention that caffeine stimulates the central nervous system giving a man additional energy. So, what is the conclusion?

To be or not to be?

First of all we should understand that there is pure caffeine that coffee contains and the caffeine found in beverages where the less beneficial ingredients can be added, which you’d better refuse of.  Besides, even coffee of the best quality consists of compounds influencing human health in different ways. We believe that everybody knows that a regular coffee consumption in large quantities can lead to some undesirable after-effects including heart disease and diabetes, which in its turn can cause ED. But if there are no contra indications, a man taking a cup or two daily reduces risk of erectile dysfunction. Just remember that neutral consumption does not exceed 3 cups (170-375 mg/day) of daily coffee. And it is really beneficial if there are no bounds determined by a doctor. The research shows that caffeine intake reduces the prevalent ED among overweight and hypertensive men, but the research does not prove the same results as to diabetic patients.

Still be aware!

Excess caffeine will not do well in all cases. A man can feel disrupted suffering from anxiety and headaches. Further it will certainly lead to strong heartbeats. That is why before becoming a coffee lover with the purpose of preventing ED, you should consult with your doctor and find out if it does not make any harm to you.