Treatment of sexual desire lack in men

Weakening of sexual interest is alarming, especially if it happened in his youth. At older age, lack of libido is observed in men who have had diseases, accompanied by decrease in amount of testosterone. Another reason for which there is lack of sexual desire in men is mental illness. Sharp increase in libido may indicate such processes in body as tumor, inflammation in brain.

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Alcohol and Erectile Dysfunction

Many people believe that small dose of alcohol before sex doesn`t hurt, because it helps to relax, become bolder, feel slight euphoria. This is true, but with proviso that key word here is “small”. In fact, habit of drinking before sex is often fixed, and there is dependency. This is where problems begin. Alcohol is considered to be stimulant, but its reception has stimulating effect not for long. And over time, on contrary – leads to violation and extinction of sexual function.

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Is a cup of coffee good or bad for erectile function?

erectile function

Having studied some research about erectile dysfunction we regret to inform you that almost 20 percent of men aged over 20 can face the problems with erection. Of course mostly this condition is typical of men age 60 and older but still you can never guarantee that this unpleasant thing touches you nearly. Though, of course, we hope that you are absolutely healthy. Continue reading

Dick size debate. Does it really matter?

Dick size debate

The size of male penis depends on a lot of factors. It can vary with different level of sexual arousal. It changes with a time of day, general mood, taking some medications. It is interesting that the human penis is most thick among other hominids (particularly in the relation to the rest of the body).

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