About Us

IDAFLOAT is an impressive health information catalog where you will find the latest articles from medical experts.

All material published on the site is written by practicing experts with many years of experience. This approach to building an information resource enables each person to get more quality information.
All materials are written based on confirmed clinical studies and official medical literature. However, IDAFLOAT authors focus on the acquired knowledge from practice, which gives a better understanding of real problems and ways to solve them.

On our site you will find information of a different nature, ranging from expert opinions on the problem, ending with major research on topics: hormonal changes, urology, psychology of relationships, andrology, sexology, gynecology, weight control, baldness and many others.

Much attention is paid to the problems of male and female health. This is a large section of medicine that requires more quality information. For many people, sexual dysfunctions are critical. But we will tell you about how you can prevent the development of pathologies and maintain sexual health.
We want to draw your attention to the fact that all materials are written for review and are not a guide to action. We do not welcome self-medication and strongly recommend receiving qualified medical help.

Our portal is designed to help you better understand doctors, speak the same language with them and more effectively identify potential threats to your health.